Let’s make an Impact in 2022

Ageas wishes you a healthy, happy, and hopeful 2022! May this new year be the start of something new: new resolutions, new achievements, and new dreams for the years to come.

For Ageas, 2022 marks the start of our long-term sustainable growth strategy Impact24. As we embark on this new and exciting journey, we can look back with pride on what we achieved in the previous plan. Connect21 provided us with a strong platform for growth, which will come in many forms in Impact24: from growing our Core business to its full potential, to pursuing new growth opportunities in the areas of Health, Protection, Digital Platforms and Reinsurance. Our Customers and People come first, it’s a common denominator. And Sustainability and Long-term thinking will be at the heart of it all.

These past months we have worked hard on taking the final hurdles to reach our Connect21-goals. And as a good start is half the battle; we have also been preparing the ground for Impact24. Amongst other things, we started translating Impact24 into our local action plans and we created a Chief Development and Sustainability Office (CDSO) to help the business drive and accelerate implementation.

Our Impact24-plan officially kicked-off… Now it is time to Deliver! 

Stay tuned for more news on our special Impact24 website